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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Migos – John Wick Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Intro: Quavo]
I don’t need no shooter nigga
One gunman
I just dress in all black, with my gun man1
Like John Wick2

[Hook: Quavo]
All cord kord chord Migos – John Wick Lyrics kunci gitar black, one gunman
John Wick
That’s a badman
All black, one gunman
John Wick (x6)3

[Verse 1: Quavo]
One man, honcho4
Truck load, ammo5
All black, suit and tie
Don’t move in camo6
Gloves on, no evi
Trigger finger, forever ready
One man, out the jungle7
One machete turn you to spaghetti8
One bullet, one headshot
It’s sad to say it made his legs lock9
Don’t call the cops
Wrap his body put it in a box10
If you the hancho then you make the drop
Gotta pay for the dirt that you’re doing off top
I pay for mine when I see his head
That’s the same way the gladiators did
I’m the gunman but I love the kids11
Quavo Superman, Quavo John Wick
And you don’t want the two to mix
Have a 4th of July on the 6th
When you’re broke pay the bills bitch
But when you’re rich you can kill shit12
I’m John Wick with the black tints13
Got gun peepholes on my car kits14


[Verse 2: Takeoff]
When them niggas killed my dog Pistol P
A nigga turned into John Wick15
I told them my mustang was not for sale16
But they still tried me like my name was John Wick
These niggas don’t know who they fuckin’ with17
Bodies poppin’ up unfortunate
I’m a catch him slipping just like Ricky18
When you plottin’ on a nigga shit get ugly19
Graow, John Wick
Call of Duty shit
When it come to the artillery, I’m very talented
Takeoff Dahmer, I be killing shit20
Mini AK with the banana clip
When I travel put it in my travel kit21
Rick James, I’m rich bitch
Momma told me I’m a walking lick22
The trap game is Madden, no need to ask Madden
I just hit the plug with the hitstick23
No Santa Claus I’m on my Grinch shit24
Fuck it might light the block up like it’s Christmas
I’d be a fool if I leave a witness25
Come through your chimney into the kitchen
Scope on the chopper I see you chillin’
Hit you and your wife and I leave the children


[Verse 3: Offset]
All lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Migos – John Wick Lyrics download mp3 black, Hatchback26
Got the chopper in the trunk of that
Kidnap the chords Migos – John Wick Lyrics lyrics nephew where your uncle at
Selling the junkie stepped on like a welcome mat27
Feel like the president since they killed Pistol28
Got the pistol looking at you now you sentimental29
Thinking to himself how did he get up in a pickle30
I can get you knocked down by a nigga want a nickel31
Hell Mary
Think it look like Halloween up in February
Birds in the trap singing Mary Mary
Bullets tickle your stomach like pillsbury32
Look for him everyday till you find him
Cut off his wife and your to remind him
Do not drop out when I say something33
Send him the key that’s the assignment
Set this shit on fire change the climate
Throw the body in the river, up and winding
I’ll get you knocked off even if it’s minor
Cooking up the dough sneezin’ fuck with my sinus
I’m with the shit fuck nigga
I’m John Wick
Hit his ass with the gauge and it hurt my wrist
Reach for the chain and his body glitch34
50 Cent AK the magic stick



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